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“This is simple. Kranzle makes the best electric pressure washers in the world. I use this exclusively for washing cars. I do wish I could see the look on your face when this shows up and you attempt to carry the box to the garage. Trust me on this one. You’re going to love it.”

Matt Moreman Obsessed Garage

On today’s show I’m going to present you with what I believe to be the best pressure washer in the world, the Kranzle 1122TST power washer. [...] It comes from Germany and it’s built like a tank.

PanTheOrganizer (517K YouTube subscribers)

We have been using the Kranzle 1122TST everyday for the last 12 days. And it is a very practical, durable and high quality electric pressure washer. [...] It is our new #1 best electric pressure washer pick. 

Jamey Kramar of

Kranzle 1122TST

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